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Replenishment plus Net Suite

World Class Supply Chain Planning – Native to NetSuite

Natively built for NetSuite, you now can achieve best in class service levels and unprecedented visibility into your inventory to optimize performance across your supply chain. With one-click approval of recommended orders and direct integration to NetSuite, you can now better align inventory to true market demand while compressing lead times. With localization supporting 50 different languages, we’ve got your global business needs covered.

Improved Supply Chain Performance for NetSuite Users

Watch the Webinar
Watch the Webinar

Align inventory to true market demand

Planner Workbench displays key at-a-glance information regarding part status and available stock position

Eliminate the ‘Bullwhip’ Effect

Visual insight into buffer zone size, available stock, on hand position and target inventory

Improve Decision Making with Automated Recommended Orders

Better align inventory positions with easy edit and approval of system recommended orders.

automated recommended orders

Built-in Analytics to Focus Planner Attention on what Matters

At-a-glance view of distribution of parts by buffer zone and comparison of On-Hand Inventory vs Target Inventory

See what your inventory & service levels look like in an DDMRP environment

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