The Demand Driven Institute recently announced a global partnership with the Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM). The Demand Driven Institute programs and endorsements are now a part of the APICS certification programs. This partnership brings exciting possibilities for those with CPIM and/or CSCP certifications. Supply chain professionals seeking to increase their business planning skills will want to take full advantage of this partnership.

Because the supply chain needs of manufacturers and distributors are evolving at an incredible pace, new supply chain tactics and technologies are needed. Variety and customization are in high demand from customers, and companies strive to serve that demand. With an ever-widening range of sourcing alternatives and intolerance for late shipments, customers constantly have growing needs.

The formation of the Association of Supply Chain Management provides a concentration point for a body of knowledge that can help companies address these needs. ASCM will play a key role in making the new advancements of the Demand Driven Institute reach a much wider audience in North America as well as through their affiliates around the globe.

As an affiliate of the Demand Driven Institute, Demand Driven Technologies is proud to be a part of this team, and we congratulate APICS and the Demand Driven Institute for forming this incredible partnership. We’re confident that this new relationship brightens the future for supply chain professionals everywhere!