In October 2018, Demand Driven Technologies attended the annual Demand Driven World Conference hosted by the Demand Driven Institute (DDI). Demand Driven World is the leading Demand Driven event in the world and features thought leaders from around the globe.

“DD Tech has been a supporter and leader in the Demand Driven movement since its inception,” says Erik Bush, CEO of Demand Driven Technologies. “It’s impressive to see the growth of the Demand Driven movement reaching global dimensions. We were delighted to be a Platinum sponsor at the 2018 Demand Driven Word Conference in Frankfurt and have the opportunity to share customer success stories and DDMRP best practices.”

Demand Driven World 2018 had plenty of sessions to attend. Demand Driven Technologies partners Debra Smith of Constraints Management Group (CMG), Bernard Milian and Anthony Fouque of Agilea, Christoph Lenhartz from Catena Strategies, and David Poveda, founder of Flowing Consultoria, all presented along with Demand Driven Technologies’ CEO, Erik Bush.

“It’s great to see Debra Smith, an originator of many of the Demand Driven concepts, continue to push the envelope of Demand Driven Operating Models,” says Brad Mitchler, Demand Driven Technologies’ Vice President of Channels and Product Management. “And David Poveda’s session was really fascinating.”

David Poveda, founder of Flowing Consultoria, did a session on DDMRP in retail environments at Demand Driven World 2018. It is revolutionary what he and his company are doing for the Demand Driven space. But David Poveda wasn’t the only speaker whose presentation was a hit.

Dr. Romain Miclo’s presentation on simulating DDMRP performance against Kanban and MRP II was chockfull of fascinating tidbits for the audience to chew on. Dr. Miclo has a Ph.D. and wrote his thesis on DDMRP. He is one of two of the only people in the world to have written their thesis on DDMRP, and both are Demand Driven Technologies partners.

With those two stellar presentations and over 39 sessions to attend, Demand Driven Technologies representatives had a tough time identifying what their favorite sessions were.

“My favorite session was Stemcell,” Brad Mitchler says. “They have implemented a full Demand Driven Operating Model with Replenishment+ for DDMRP and DBR+ for Demand Driven Scheduling. I think the coolest part of Stemcell is that they not only produce equipment and electronics, but part of their manufacturing is making stem cells.”

“The opening keynote was phenomenal,” says Tanvir Chouhan, Demand Driven Technologies Product Specialist. “Hearing Carol Ptak, co-founder of DDI, speak about the future of DDOM was exciting. You can really see how companies have taken DDMRP on an operational level and how they now want to integrate it into their strategic business plan.”

Some of the big news going around Demand Driven World was that the Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM) has a global partnership with the Demand Driven Institute. The fact that ASCM has adopted the DDMRP methodology brings a lot of validity to the demand driven world. Professionals that seek to increase their supply chain planning skills are looking to take full advantage of this partnership. DDMRP has caught on in the supply chain mainstream, and a lot of supply chain professionals are recognizing that DDMRP is a huge movement.

Demand Driven World 2018 was a great testament to the growing community and body of knowledge regarding the Demand Driven movement and we can’t wait to see how much it’s grown for Demand Driven World 2019!